Whey protein concentrate, «KSB-UF-55» new

Whey protein concentrate, «KSB-UF-55»

  • Natural product that fills the body with the necessary proteins, nutrients and energy for a quality training.
  • This drink is meant to be an additional nutrition for sportsmen in period of intensive exercise.
  • It contains essential amino acids, which help faster the growth of muscle mass and speed up of muscle recovery.
  • Without flavouring and preserving agents, sugar and GMO

Recipe for one portion

30 mg +

3 tablespoon of concentrate

300 ml +

water or juice

30 °C

for better solution – heat water or juice

Take no more than 4 portions of the drink per day between main meals for 45 minutes before or 45 minutes after the workout.


Cheese whey powder

Amino acid composition


100 g DW (dry weight): 6294,2 mg


100 g DW (dry weight): 3448,8 mg


100 g DW (dry weight): 5401,8 mg


100 g DW (dry weight): 352,6 mg


100 g DW (dry weight): 775,2 mg


100 g DW (dry weight): 1975,2 mg


100 g DW (dry weight): 3586,7 mg


100 g DW (dry weight): 3647,8 mg


100 g DW (dry weight): 1209,9 mg


100 g DW (dry weight): 930,4 mg

Nutrition value

100 g DW (dry weight)

Protein: 55,0 g

Fat: 0,0 g

Carbohydrates: 22,5 g

Energy value: 1320/310 kJ/kcal

1 portion of reconstituted product

Protein: 16,5 g

22,0% of the Daily Value*

Carbohydrates: 6,75 g

1,85% of the Daily Value*,

Energy value: 396/93 kJ/kcal

3,7% of the Daily Value*

4 portions of reconstituted product

Protein: 66,0 g

88,0% of the Daily Value*

Carbohydrates: 27,0 g

7,4% of the Daily Value*,

Energy value: 1584/372 kJ/kcal

14,8% of the Daily Value*

* — daily value

Unit weight: 920 g

Number of units per package: 4 pcs

Shelf life: 6 months

Storage conditions: temperature from 0 °C to 20 °C and relative humidity (80±5)%

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